Angels’ Heart Secondary School is one of the best school in Kathmandu valley. It’s away from hustle and bustle chaotic environment. We provide an exceptionally caring and learning-focused environment for our students. Angels’ Heart Secondary School aims to enhance students' awareness of their own cultural identity and heritage, whilst deepening their understanding and respect for other peoples, nations and cultures. Students learn to appreciate positive universal human values including responsibility, honesty, integrity, humility, commitment, perseverance, respect for others, compassion and valuing learning. It can be a perfect platform for the passionate learners from different nooks of the country.

The Prime motto of running this esteemed institution is to form knowledge and skill based efficient and responsible community which can truly be a milestone for the well being of humanity. Angels’ Heart Secondary School has the regular provision of scholarship merit basis and need basis to inspire the students with burning desire and ample enthusiasm to be more creative and productive for supporting the community and the nation in overall aspects for its prosperity and well-being. The students will be motivate for the positive attitude from which they will be the successful achievers that can be fluorescent to enhancing the real value of truly achieved practical knowledge and skill at Angels’ Heart Secondary School.