Manoj Lama

In my class

Some are small & some are tall Some are active & some are dull
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Sama Buddhacharya


Though the lips speak the hate When the mind bothers of scandals
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Rijon Maharjan

My life is MOM and DAD

My MOM and DAD is my god. I love my mom and dad very much. Mom and Dad love us very much so they give us food
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Sabnam Shahi

If my Dad were free

I wish my dad Would quit working For a while,
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Kritika Poudel

Let’s Think About Our Country

Our country is great for us. It is our motherland, where we have been raised. Without our country, we wouldn’
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Nischal KC

My Dreams

Yesterday, I slept at 11 pm after having an ice-cream Then I saw this thing in my dream.
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Sujata Thapa

Strangled to Stronger

There is peace inside of me And chaos running wild two emotions at once,
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Aakriti Sunar


Exam is in head,But you are still in bed.“Wake up
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