Posted on : 31 March 2024
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In Nepal's heart, dish so fine,
Momo, your curly shine.

with wrappers thin and filling grand,
In every bite, a taste so grand.

Steamed or fried, me choice in ours,
A symphony of Flavors, like fragrant flower.

From Kathmandu to lands a far,
You are culinary superstar.

Dipping sauces, spicy and sweet,
Enhance the joy of every treat.

In your presence, we sit round,
Momo, you make our taste buds bound.

A comfort food, a loving touch,
You bring families together so much.

From street stalls to the finest dine,
Dear Momo, you are truly divine.

So, here's a cheer, a heartful ode,
To Momo, one this culinary road.

You fill our hearts, you fill our plates,
A taste sensation mat truly elevates.

(Angels' Voice, Vol. 11)

Anksh Ghale

Class-5, Marsyangdi