Let’s Think About Our Country

Posted on : 14 April 2020
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Our country is great for us. It is our motherland, where we have been raised. Without our country, we wouldn’t reach the point we have reached now. Our human life has an aim. Everybody needs education. Our country too provides a good education, but most people go out of their country to foreign countries to get education. Though our country provides good jobs, many people go out of the country for a better life.

As a result, our country is ignored by its own citizens. With half the adult population is out of the country, only the inactive population remain in the country, only the inactive population remain in the country.  Our country is left without proper human resources. Now it is time to change. We may think that going to a developed foreign nation helps to live a better life. But life in a foreign nation is more difficult than life in own motherland. However, we have to work hard to develop a country. In fact, it's our motherland, of course, we have to work hard for it.

What we truly don’t have is manpower and honest citizens. Today’s Nepali citizens are getting very lazy due to the money. We must work hard, be honest and develop our country in order to get the facilities we truly need.

So, let’s start thinking for a better country and we’ll get whatever we need.


Kritika Poudel

Class: 7