Me and a Stranger Girl

Posted on : 11 February 2024
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in the city's bustling throng, we met
Me and a stranger girl fate's silhouette.

Amidst the chaos, our paths die collides
Two souls unknown, on this wild ride.

Her eyes a universe, mysterious a deep
Held stories untold, secrets to keep.

In that moment, time stood still
As we ventured forth, on destiny's quill.

Her laughter danced like a gentle breeze
A melody that put my heart at ease.

With each step we took, a bond die form
In this stranger girl, I felt so warm.

We shared our dreams beneath the moons soft glow
I nine nights embrace our hearts a glow.

Though strangers once, we found our way
To a world where emotions held sway.

Though whispered words and stolen glances
We were a tale of fleeting romances.

In the tapestry of life, a chapter unfold
A tale of me and a stranger girl.

(Angels' Voice, Vol. 11)

Hardik Panta

Class-10, O2