Dhan Pun
Mr. Dhan Bahadur Pun

Angels’ Journey towards the Academic Excellence through the Positive Experience”.

First of all I would like to Thanks you all the parents due to you we are getting great platform with your valuable supports. Being a Principal of this temple of education is such a pride getting the support from valuable co-operative guardians, well wishers, teachers, management committee and Stakeholder & even more wonderful. I proudly say that Angels’ Heart is not a school only now is going to run BBS, BCA and BA too in present time, would never come at this level of success without you.

Introduction to the holistic education in the formal education system is a challenging job. Requiring the sound strategy, creative vision and experience of the team, we commenced it to bring about visible changes in a teaching learning process. We have spent 10 years with this education system and found it very encouraging. Initially, it seems a bit new to the parents that we are teaching their children in such a manner that the students learn only in a pinch, as we simply discourage from promoting the root learning. However, once the track is made, a great change is visualized in the smile of a child we are now so inspired with the satisfaction and positive inputs of the parents to the school. We are trying how to create essential environment to adjust all types of inherited qualities of the students. Level wise and sector wise we have parallel and well managed both CCAs and ECAs. To get proper achievement we have well-organized infrastructure contains well-lit, ventilated, quiet classrooms and well- equipped laboratories that are reinforced by a well – stocked library that has also been digitalized and now performs quite a few functions of an e- library so necessary for virtual learning. Also we have all outdoor’s sports separate courts to use for its varied, popular, regularly-held events, we do ensure that our learning spaces focus on developing 21st century skills and competencies to support the learning of core subject.

Our approach largely nurtures of rigorous yet engaging curriculum, inquiry-based teaching processes, and a adjustment culture that inculcates compassion and professionals. Our objective is how to enhancement of positive attitude and positive thinking among the students or in society along with development of discipline and dignity of the students. Our ideas and plans have definitely created and impart on every student by developing their sportive spirit, interpersonal skills, co-ordination and co-operation and have also motivated all the students to showcase their talents.

Among the varied activities is to create such students who can find out their hidden potentiality and explore it. And what he does after finding out his capabilities is to do something meaningful and useful contribution to the society. All the children must be taught holistically where they are groomed in every possible way with a personalized teaching for the seek of humanity. It helps them explore the world with the realization of their inherited qualities to meet the purpose of life.

AHSS is one of the growing institutions and has adopted progressive education approaches. We appreciate the parents’ involvement and constructive feedbacks to move in the proper direction and work together to prepare our children to lead the future.

Thank You!